Enhancing local and regional tripartite social dialogue in Latvia


Rīgas Uzņēmēju biedriba
Riga Business Association

Project objectives

This project aims at establishing better social dialogue among local and regional stakeholders in Latvia and transferring strong Norwegian tripartite social dialogue traditions.

With the view of improving tripartite social dialogue the project has the following objectives:

  • To enhance tripartite social dialogue and cooperation in Latvia by transferring Norwegian best-practices.
  • To build the capacity of social partners to get involved in tripartite social dialogue which will result in better industrial relations and economic prosperity.
  • To set up structures for social dialogue and establish network of social partners who will sign agreements for cooperation for mutually beneficial actions.
  • To transfer Norwegian best practices of social dialogue to Latvian stakeholders and experts who will then conduct national-level workshops and raise the awareness of social partners.
  • To establish higher level of trust among social partners including government which will result in better, tailor-made national, local policies.
  • To establish new committees for cooperation in cross-sectoral fields via using new platform for tripartite social dialogue.
  • To establish strong bilateral and trilateral dialogue consultations and involvement of local and regional stakeholder institutions.
Project activities