Enhancing local and regional tripartite social dialogue in Latvia


Rīgas Uzņēmēju biedriba
Riga Business Association

Project activities

The main activities of the project “Enhancing local and regional tripartite social dialogue in Latvia”:

  1. The launch event – (1st communications event): launching of the project, planning the project activities, highlighting the assistance from the fund, emphasizing on bilateral cooperation and importance of transferring Norwegian experience to Latvia. The media and interested parties/stakeholders will take part in this activity.
  2. Social Dialogue Day in Riga – Exhibition- Second communication activity: Presenting the achievements and challenges of the tripartite social dialogue at local and regional level in Latvia. Devising the plan for future actions and transferring best Norwegian practices. The major focus will be on sharing best-practices and possibilities for advancing social dialogue.
  3. Preparation of the Report “Local and regional tripartite social dialogue in Latvia: challenges and opportunities”: Research and analysis of the current possibilities for advancing social dialogue in Latvia. How Norwegian practices can be implemented in Latvia what are challenges and opportunities in this regard on local and regional level.
  4. National Workshops in Latvia: this meeting will be a follow-up to the previous project events during which social partners have already discussed and shared the ideas of implementing Norwegian best-practices into Latvian reality. These workshops, however, will be more focused to the role of each social partner (with greater engagement of local social dialogue partners), and emphasize the role of local and regional social partners from different regions of Latvia.
  5. The closing event – the third information activity: presenting the results of the project, presenting the guidelines for improving social dialogue, effectiveness of cooperation, collective actions, among social partners, presenting the progress in implementing Norwegian best-practices in Latvia and future plans for advancing social dialogue.