Enhancing local and regional tripartite social dialogue in Latvia


Rīgas Uzņēmēju biedriba
Riga Business Association


The project “Enhancing local and regional tripartite social dialogue in Latvia” aims at improving local and regional-level tripartite social dialogue. The development of social dialogue at the level of municipalities is a significant factor for ensuring a steady development of the regions and municipalities in Latvia, since successful cooperation of employees, employers and municipal institutions fosters a predictable development of business environment, that in its turn encourages the development of regional and municipal infrastructure. Without effective social dialogue problems related to adversarial industrial relations might emerge which decreases sustainable economic and social benefits.

The positive aspects of better multi-party social dialogue can deliver economic prosperity, better industrial and social relations. It involves public and ensures that government policy is inclusive and meets the needs of beneficiaries. Social dialogue includes information-sharing, consultation, negotiation, joint decision-making and Latvian social partners are in need of working on above-mentioned issues. Better social dialogue can prevent conflict and establish social peace to resolve important economic and social issues. Moreover, this can provide policy-makers with the necessary information for devising more effective policies. Importantly, Norway has strong tradition of tripartite social dialogue and good experience of bringing together workers, employers and government representatives which results in better industrial relations.



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